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Coronavirus Cases Surpass 2,000 in Greece on Thursday

Greece's daily coronavirus cases continued their upward trend on Thursday, when 2,107 cases were recorded across the country.

Slight Decrease in Coronavirus Cases: Intubation Numbers “Stable”

Greece recorded 2,691 new cases of the coronavirus on Friday — a decrease from the 3,421 cases announced on Thursday, which was 1,328 more than the number of cases that had been diagnosed just the day prior. Friday's case numbers...

Coronavirus: Number of Intubated Patients Dips in Greece

For the first time after 12 days, the intubated patients due to coronavirus in Greece fell below 800, according to data announced on Saturday

Coronavirus Cases, Intubations Rise Sharply in Greece Tuesday

Greece recorded its highest number of coronavirus patients on ventilators Tuesday, with 802 people undergoing the intensive treatment.

COVID-19: Greece Breaks Yet Another Record of Intubations

Greece confirmed another 1,514 new COVID-19 infections on Sunday, with 674 individuals now being intubated.

Coronavirus: Intubations Remain High in Greece

Greek health authorities announced a total of 1,134 new cases of Covid-19 on Monday, 492 fewer than had been recorded one day earlier.

Covid-19: Intubations, Deaths on the Rise in Greece

Intubations and deaths continue to rise in Greece as the country recorded a total of 2,570 cases of Covid-19 on Thursday.

Greek PM Vows to Strengthen National Health System in Covid-19 Fight

Greek PM Mitsotakis vowed to strengthen the national health system during a meeting on the epidemiological situation in Attica and the rest of the country.

Covid-19: Hospitals on Alert in Greece as Intubations Reach 406 Monday

Health officials in Greece are concerned about the nation's hospitals after the number of intubated patients with Covid-19 reached 406 Monday.

Intubations Rise in Greece as Millions of New Vaccine Doses Set to Arrive

Intubations have risen in Greece in the last 24 hours, health authorities announced on Wednesday. The total number of intubated patients in the country rose to 313.