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International Women's Day

Seven Ancient Greek Women Who Left Their Mark in History

In Ancient Greece several women were defiant and established themselves as respected doctors, philosophers or mathematicians.

Greek Women Who Make a Difference

Greek women are making a difference -- whether it's in the realm of politics, science, business, philanthropy or sport.

International Womens Day Sees Females on the Front Lines in Ukraine

Females are on the front lines of the conflict in Ukraine, adding their talents and fighting spirit to the resistance as they defend their country on this International Womens' Day in 2022. After women have won so many rights around...

Successful Greek Women Share their Experiences with the World

Successful Greek women were celebrated by the Daughters of Penelope on International Women's Day in a webinar

Women Hold 33% of Senior Management Positions in Greece

According to a survey by international business advisor Grant Thorton, over 33% of senior management positions in Greece are held by women.

Women in Politics: Greece Next to Last in Europe

Greece is next to last among all European nations in terms of women in politics, according to research prepared by Eurostat.

Archbishop Elpidophoros Sends Message for Women’s History Month

The relatively young prelate reached out to the Greek Orthodox women of the Americas, telling them that he realizes without them, "our parishes would be dead."

Greek PM Tsipras Hosts Event To Mark International Women's Day (video)

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras welcomed more than one-hundred eighty women from all walks of life to Athens' Maximos Mansion on Friday to mark International Women's Day 2019. "We have opened up the doors of the Maximos Mansion to give a symbolic message...

Greek Women Close the Earnings Gap with Men (infographic)

Women in Greece were paid an average of 12.5 percent less than men in 2014, the last year for which the country has provided data on the gender pay gap, according to a report by Eurostat on Wednesday, issued...

Grant Thornton Survey: More Women in Top Management Positions

The percentage of women in senior executive positions grew to 24 percent from 22 percent, but still one in three enterprises have no women participation in top management positions, Grant Thornton said in its global survey released on Tuesday...