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Airlines Expand Destinations Amid Strong Demand for Travel

A number of major airlines are expanding the list of destinations offered in response to the high demand for travel. The airlines expect demand to endure despite the rising cost of living prices and global economic uncertainty. Most of the...

Greek Passport Eighth Most Powerful in the World

Japan, which has completely banned all foreign spectators from the upcoming Olympics, is in first place in passport strength.

Greece Passport is Eighth Most Powerful Globally

Greece has the eighth most powerful passport in the world, according to a new report, giving its citizens access to 185 countries. The ranking puts it on par with Australia, Canada, Malta, and the Czech Republic in the latest Henley...

U.S. Lifts Travel Ban for Vaccinated Visitors

The U.S. lifted on Monday the international travel ban for vaccinated visitors imposed in March of 2020 when Covid-19 was declared a pandemic. Starting Monday, visitors from the EU, U.K., South Africa, India, Brazil, and China will be free to...

US Passport Processing Now Surpasses Four Months in Unprecedented Situation

Passport processing times for new or renewed US passports have reached alarmingly long lengths due to delays in mail service.

How and When Greece Will Reopen: Complete Guide

Greeks are pinning their hopes on a return to something approaching normality just after Easter, as many services and amenities reopen

US Places Greece on Level Four, “Do Not Travel” List

The U.S. added 116 countries to its “Level Four: Do Not Travel” advisory list, including Greece, because of high rates of Covid-19.

How to Travel to Greece as a Tourist

As the country begins opening up for international tourists, Greece released a new welcome message for those hoping to travel to the country.

Coronavirus Vaccine Certificate Under Scrutiny At EU Commission

A coronavirus vaccine certificate, dubbed "Vaxproof," is in the works at the headquarters of the European Commission in hopes that international travel might be restored more easily. A report today from Reuters states that European Union officials have admitted that...

New Covid Measures Regarding Foreign Flights into Greece

New coronavirus-fighting measures, as announced by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority on Wednesday, address how international arrivals into Greece will be tested for the virus for the rest of the month of September. The measures, which detail exactly which travelers...