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EU’s Double Standards on Migrant Crisis in Greece and Lithuania

Greece and Lithuania are looking for ways to curb the flow of migrants from Turkey and Belarus. However, just because the situations are similar, does not mean the EU has dealt with them the same. This piece compares the...

European Agency Deploys Blimps to Monitor Greek Borders

Aerostats are to be deployed to monitor the northern Greek border by Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency.

Number of Refugees, Migrants on Lesvos Now Under 5,000

The number of refugees and migrants on Lesvos is now less than 5,000, according to figures released by the Greek Ministry of Migration

Double the Number of Migrants are Leaving than Entering Greece

Migrants are leaving Greece at a much faster pace than they are entering it, according to the newest figures on migration released Wednesday.

EU Adopts New Migration Strategy on Voluntary Return and Reintegration

The European Commission announced earlier this week that the Union is adopting the first EU migration Strategy.

More Migrants Leaving than Arriving in Greece, Minister Says

More migrants are now leaving Greece than arriving, said Migration Minister Mitarakis, who said that the influx of migrants has dropped off.

Greece Charges Migrant for His Son’s Death While Crossing the Aegean

A 25-year old Afghan migrant, who lost his son in the Aegean Sea, has been charged by Greece for child endangerment.

Greek Immigration Minister Says Left Waging War Against FRONTEX

Greek Immigration Minister Mitarakis recalled that one year ago Greece protected the EU from a breach of the border using FRONTEX troops.

Golden Dawn Trial's Sentencing Phase Continues in Criminal Appeals Court

The trial of the Golden Dawn organization resumed on Thursday, with the judges hearing arguments on whether or not the sentences already handed down to the organizations' members should be suspended. The sentencing phase  of the trial convened in the...

Greece and UK Sign Important Agreement on Controlling Irregular Migration

Greece and the United Kingdom signed a bilateral agreement on Wednesday in which the two countries pledge to significantly increase their cooperation to limit irregular entries of migrants to Greece. The UK shows a particular interest on the matter since...