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US Immigration Crisis Worsens as Blinken Heads to Mexico

The migration crisis in the US is worsening, due to a sharp increase in the number of irregular migrants trying to enter the country from Mexico. By Josep Freixes According to US authorities, around 10,000 people try to enter the country...

Greece Gives Migrants 3-year Permits to Tackle Labor Shortage

On Tuesday, Greece's Parliament approved a new law by a huge majority. The law will grant three-year permits to migrants to tackle the country's labor shortage. It foresees granting three-year stay and work permits to migrants who entered Greece illegally....

Greece to Offer Residence Permits to Undeclared Workers

  The Greek government plans to introduce a new type of residence permit for third-country nationals. According to the Greek government the move is intended to address continuous labor shortages as well as the issue of undeclared labor. This legislative...

Greece Rescues 91 Migrants Stranded On Evros Islet

Footage emerged on Sunday showing a group of eighty migrants stranded on an islet on Evros river, on the border with Turkey. 

Greece Ready to Extend Turkey Border Fence by 35 Kilometers

Greece is ready to proceed with the gradual expansion of the fence barrier along the entire length of the Evros border with Turkey.

US Border Patrol Says 160,000 Illegal Immigrants Released

Leaked US Border Patrol documents show that there has been a mass release of illegal immigrants into the United States since March of this year, amounting to 160,000 people. Revealing that over 135,000 migrants were released into the US just since...

EUMED 9 Summit Tackles Climate Change, Immigration Challenges

Leaders from nine Mediterranean nations held a summit in Athens called the EUMED 9 on Friday afternoon to address issues such as climate change, migration, Turkey and Afghanistan, among others. The EUMED 9 enabled representatives from Spain, Portugal, France, Italy,...

Border Crisis Heightens for Biden as Thousands Camp Under Bridge

Over 10,000 migrants trying to make their way into the United States are now camped under the Del Rio, Texas bridge separating Mexico and the United States in the latest border crisis, with thousands more apparently on the way...

More Migrants Leaving than Arriving in Greece, Minister Says

More migrants are now leaving Greece than arriving, said Migration Minister Mitarakis, who said that the influx of migrants has dropped off.

Mayors of Greek Islands Call for Changes to EU Migration Pact

The mayors of the three Greek islands which have borne the worst of the migration crisis asked for an amendment to the new EU migration pact.