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Tom Carvel: The Greek Who Introduced Soft Ice Cream to America

Tom Carvel, born Athanassios Karvelas, was a Greek immigrant who brought soft ice cream to America and made the Carvel empire.

The Story of Greek Ice Cream: The Essential Summertime Treat

What is the history of ice cream, the perfect summertime treat, in Greece?

The Greek Immigrant who Created the Legendary Dove Bar Ice Cream

Dove Bar ice cream was created by Greek immigrant Leo Stefanos in Chicago, in 1956 bringing sweetness to the Windy City’s South Side.

Alexander The Great and All Ancient Greeks Loved Ice Cream

How long have the Greeks had a love affair with ice cream? How about since at least one hundred years before Alexander the Great? In fact, ancient Greeks were attracted to “ices” as early as the fifth century BC. In those...

Heladeria Americana: The Greek Ice Cream Legend of Colombia

A Greek immigrant brought ice cream to Colombia in the 1930's -- and since then, the business has become the ice cream kings of country.

Calombaris Pays For Stealing Mr. Whippy’s Name

The ice cream “conflict” between Greek Chef George Calomparis and Mr. Whippy ended with the well-known chef paying $4,000 by order of a court verdict. A few months ago, he had named an ice cream served in his restaurant St....