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Countries With Names Derived From the Greek Language

Surprisingly, the names of countless countries around the world come from words found in the Greek language, attesting to the influence of Greek.

Why Greek Honey Is the Best in the World: A Beekeeper Explains

For thousands of years, Greek honey has been collected for its delicious, sweet taste and healing, nutritious properties.

Using Greek Honey for Beautiful Skin, Hair, and Anti-Aging

The Ancient Greeks likely hold claim to being the first people to use honey as an ingredient in beauty products. Today, you will find honey in an array of beauty products from face masks and shampoo to body cream...

Hungry Bear Devours 40kg of Honey in Northern Greece

A hungry bear made a noticeable impact on the surrounding area of Mount Paiko in Northern Greece after it was spotted feasting on honey and destroying beehives. The mischievous bear is believed to have eaten 40kg (88 lbs) of...

Almost Half of Imported Honey in the EU Adulterated with Sugar

Almost half of the honey imported into the EU is probably adulterated with sugars, the EU Commission announced on Thursday. Honey naturally contains sugars and, according to EU legislation, must remain pure – meaning that it cannot have ingredients added...

World’s First Honey Bee Vaccine Approved in US

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) granted a conditional license for the vaccination of honeybees against deadly infectious diseases.

Bees Consume Honey for Healing of Infections, Longevity

Honey isn't just for gourmets, who enjoy the many nuances of flavors given to it by pine trees, orange blossoms, or other flowers all around the world. Scientists have now proven that bees consume honey not only for their...

How Ancient Greeks Nurtured Healthy, Glowing Skin

As admirers of beauty, ancient Greeks were putting great emphasis on healthy skin and they used natural substances to keep it clean and shiny

Greek Beekeeping Destroyed By Recent Wildfires in Evia

  Greek pine honey is now even more of a precious commodity following wildfires that have for the most part destroyed beekeeping in northern Evia. The recent wildfires charred more than 130,000 acres of forested land in Evia. It was in...