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History of food

The Decline of Ancient Sparta as Seen Through Its Food

Athenaeus of Naucratis in his famous work Deipnosophistae stated sarcastically that the fault of the decline of Sparta lay with its cooks, who, because of the influence of the Roman Empire, lost the ability to prepare the traditional recipes...

The Greek Origins of the Word “Macaroni”

Macaroni, the ancestor of pasta, like so many other things in our world today, had its symbolic birth in Greece. This is the eighth in a series of stories by a Greek-Italian chef tracing the origins of Greek foods...

The Ancient Greek Story Behind the Word “Sycophant”

We all know about the great richness of Greek words and how they have been influential in so many other languages. Speaking about the Greek origin of a word is familiar to most people. However, in the case of the...

The Influence of Alexander the Great on Indian and World Cuisine

Customs, flavors and rituals linking food to the sacred and divine had an enormous upheaval during the time of Alexander the Great.

Ancient Greek Drink Salepi Made from One Thousand Orchids

Outside of Asia Minor and the Balkans, it is rare to hear about this ancient concoction, precisely because it is so very characteristic of these countries. By Giorgio Pintzas Monzani This is the sixth in a series on the history of...

Alexander the Great Campaigns Influenced Egyptian, World Cuisine

Alexander the Great had an enormous influence on the ancient world as a result of the Greek conqueror's military campaigns, including Egypt.

Rice, Alexander the Great’s Gift to the Western World

Rice is one of the most important foods worldwide, with everyone aware of its value all over the globe, but this pearly white cereal took a long time to become part of ancient European cultures, with many years passing...

Greek-Italian Cuisine Fusion Led to the Mediterranean Diet

Italian cuisine and Greek cuisine: the history, differences and common traits in the cuisines we all love is a fascinating journey into the past, showing that there was a fusion of Greek-Italian cuisine in historical times that comes down to...

Edible Insects: New Frontier For Western Cuisine Has Ancient Roots

With the green light for the production and introduction of the first edible insects into European markets, conflicting opinions were rife.