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Massive Hercules Statue Restored by Vatican After Lightning Strike

Experts at the Vatican are busy with restoration work on a massive gilded statue of Hercules that was struck by lighting thousands of years ago. For over 150 years, the statue, which stands four meters tall (13 foot), remained neglected...

Xena: How Hollywood Created a Greek Warrior Princess who Never Existed

Xena the Greek warrior princess, who started as an antagonist of Hercules, captivated audiences around the world more than 20 years ago.

Statue Of Man With Hercules Guise Discovered In Rome

An ancient statue of a man wearing a lion headdress, initially thought to be a statue of Hercules, was discovered in Rome, Italy.

Karaftu Caves, The Mysterious Lair of Hercules in Western Iran

The Caves of Karaftu are a magnificent spectacle formed by both nature and human activity over the course of millennia.

Statue of Hercules Unearthed in Ancient Greek City of Aizanoi

A stunning statue of Hercules, the Greek demigod, was recently unearthed in the Ancient Greek city of Aizanoi in Asia Minor, according to archaeologists statements. The statue was found during the excavations being carried out along Penkalas Stream in the...

2,200-Year-Old Greek ‘Victory’ Sling Bullet Discovered in Israel

A lead sling bullet inscribed with the message, "Victory of Heracles and Hauronas" in Greek, was discovered in the Israeli city of Yavne. The Israel Antiquities Authority announced on Thursday that the sling bullet told The Times of Israel that...

One of The 12 Labors of Hercules Featured on Gibraltar Stamps

A new batch of Gibraltar stamps will feature a scene from one of the 12 labors of Hercules as part of the "EUROPA" series of stamps, which are some of the most highly-collected stamps in the world. EUROPA stamps, specially...

Have Archaeologists Discovered the Temple of Hercules?

Researchers in Spain believe that they have found the Temple of Hercules, long-lost, in the remains of a series of buildings in Andalusia

Disney Developing New “Hercules” Film

If you loved the animated film "Hercules", we have good news: Disney is in the process of developing a live action version of the beloved animated movie! So far, no actors have been confirmed in any roles. Disney has stated...

Ancient Nemean Games Revived for Three Days (video)

Before the Games begin in Rio de Janeiro in August, athletes from all over the world, between June 10th and 12th, are gathering and taking part in a different kind of sporting tournament in southern Greece, the Nemean Games. The Sixth Nemean...