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Battle of Marathon: The Helmet With the Soldier’s Skull Still Inside

This remarkable Corinthian-style helmet from the Battle of Marathon was reputedly found in 1834 with a human skull still inside. It now forms part of the Royal Ontario Museum’s collections, but originally it was discovered by George Nugent-Grenville, who was...

The Awe-Inspiring Helmet of Ancient Greek Warrior Miltiades

The discovery of the helmet of Miltiades is one of the most important archaeological finds in history.

Stolen Sparta Warrior Helmet Recovered, Reinstalled

An iconic Spartan warrior helmet that had been stolen on Tuesday night from a monument in the historic city was recovered and reinstalled on Wednesday. The imposing helmet, symbolizing Sparta’s glorious past, had adorned the city until Tuesday when it disappeared. The...

Iconic Helmet of Sparta Warriors Stolen from Town’s Monument

Greek police in Sparta have launched an investigation to discover the whereabouts of the iconic helmet that was stolen on Tuesday night from the center of the city. The imposing helmet, part of a statue dedicated to Sparta's glorious past,...