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Heinrich Schliemann

The Life of Heinrich Schliemann, the Discoverer of Troy

Archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann was a larger-than-life figure, discovering Troy in what is now Hisarlik, in modern-day Turkey.

Greek-Australian TV Star’s New Podcast Explores Schliemann Papers

Greek-Australian TV star Thaao Penghlis of US long-running drama Days of Our Lives is launching a fascinating podcast about the life of Heinrich Schliemann, the German archaeologist who, in the 19th century, brought back to light the greatest ancient Greek...

How Do We Know Where Troy Really Was?

The discovery of Troy at Hisarlik in the 19th century by Heinrich Schliemann is still regarded as one of the most striking examples of Greek mythology and archaeology coming together. However, how do we know that Schliemann really did discover...

Historic Athens Mansion to Become a Luxury Hotel

A majestic mansion in downtown Athens will convert into a luxury hotel, and campaigners call for the rescue of the historical movie theatre housed in the building.

Mycenaean Treasures Travel to Germany for Rare Exhibition

"The Mask of Agamemnon", Mycenae Over four hundred priceless artifacts, most of them traveling for the first time out of Greece, will be presented at The Schloss Karlsruhe Museum in a one-of-a-kind exhibit. Titled "Mycenaean Greece: The Legendary World of...