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Greek Yogurt Pancakes: Favorite Breakfast Gets Healthy Makeover

Fluffy pancakes can switch high sugar - high cholesterol toppings such as butter, bacon or maple syrup for Greek style yogurt as a more balanced nutritious alternative.

Eating Like Orthodox Monks: “The Athos Diet”

Greek-American Pete Patitsas, an emergency medicine doctor, looked to the monks of Greece's Mount Athos for inspiration and direction in his book on diet and healthy living. The Athos Diet: Before There Was Atkins, There Was Athos, establishes what Patitsas...

Greek Expert Discusses Olive Oil’s Central Role in the Best Diet for 2019

World-renowned Mediterranean diet expert Dr. Antonia Trichopoulou talked to a Greek audience about “Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The Secrets We All Know” at the Food Expo in Athens this spring. “We all know olive oil,” she said; “it’s in...

Greece Does Not Absorb a Single Euro From EU Fruit and Veg in Schools Program

Greece did not absorb a single euro from the EU’s fruit and vegetables in schools program because no tender was submitted to a call, according to The European Commission recently announced the absorption rates of a 150 million euro...