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Price of Souvlaki Skyrockets in Greece

As the cost of everyday necessities such as gas and groceries has gone up due to the war in Ukraine, the price of souvlaki, a staple of Greek cuisine, has also reached record highs. The stunning price of souvlaki has...

What is the National Dish of Greece?

The country known for its delicious cuisine simply could not choose one dish to represent it.

Souvlaki Hanx: Tom Hanks Launches New Greek Restaurant Chain

It was in his beautiful island home on Antiparos that Tom Hanks got the idea to start a Greek restaurant chain in the US. The restaurant industry has taken a hit during the pandemic, and many service workers are...

Gyros: The History Behind the Famous Greek Delicacy

Gyros; one word, an endless variety of taste. Greece's most popular fast food delicacy, gyros (with the correct pronunciation being ''yee-ros'') are something that you cannot easily forget after a visit to Greece. The name literally means ''round" or "loop'' and many...