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Greek sweets

Recipe: Galaktoboureko, the Most Beloved Greek Dessert

Here's a traditional recipe for the Greek dessert galaktoboureko, aka Greek milk, or custard, pie. Greece is known around the world for its delicious cuisine, and Greek desserts are no exception to this rule. Classic flavors such as orange, cinnamon,...

The Most Beloved Greek Desserts of Them All

Greece is known around the world for its delicious cuisine, and Greek desserts are no exception to this rule. Classic Greek flavors such as orange, cinnamon, honey, and sesame make Greek sweets some of the most delectable in the world. Revani:...

Thessaloniki: The Undisputed Capital of Greek Sweets

Thessaloniki Capital of Greek Sweets

Melomakarona – The Quintessential Greek Christmas Cookie

Melomakarona are some of the most beloved of all Greek cookies. Made with olive oil, flour, honey, and citrus, melomakarona are much healthier than most holiday treats. The addition of cinnamon and walnuts makes the cookies irresistible. Today's melomakarona contain...

Pasteli, the Sweet Snack of Greece, Dates Back to Homer

Pasteli, παστελι, the ancient Greek dessert, has very few ingredients, but it has a great deal of history behind it.

Nostalgic Greek Sweets and Treats from Bygone Days

Greek sweets are famously decadent and delicious. There are a number of traditional sweets that remind Greeks of bygone days when kids enjoyed carnivals and fairs. Old lady's hair, or cotton candy Old lady's hair is a timeless treat that is...

The Sweet History of the Oldest Bougatsa Shop in Chania, Crete

In Chania, the famous Iordanis has been baking fresh Bougatsa - the Greek sweet filo pastry - since 1922.

The Fascinating History of Greek Loukoumia, or Turkish Delights

Greek loukoumia, or Turkish delights, hold an important place in the world of Greek sweets.

10 Traditional Greek Christmas Sweets to Fall in Love With

Christmas sweets in Greece can be a tradition throughout the whole country... or just limited to one region only. What they do have in common though, is that they bring us back and remind us of our warm childhood...

How to Enjoy Greek Holiday Cookies without Feeling Guilty

The merry season is here and it usually arrives with a dose of carols and... calories! When it comes to sweets, guilt is the logical consequence of endless days indulging in pastries, cakes and, of course, the classic Christmas duo...