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Filiki Eteria: The Group That Sparked the Greek War of Independence

The Filiki Eteria (Φιλική Εταιρία) -- or the Society of Friends -- was founded on September 14, 1814, and played a crucial role in the uprising which led to the Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire on...

George Jarvis Commemorated for Role in Greek War of Independence

A churchyard in Argos, Mycenae was where the life of one of the most notable philhellenes, George Jarvis, was commemorated on July 27.

Haiti: The First Country to Recognize Greece’s Independence

Haiti, although located just over 9,000 km (5,592 miles) away from Greece, was the first country in the world to recognize Greek independence from the Ottomans in 1822. The country's dedication to freedom and its commitment to fighting oppression is...

Greek 13-Year-Old Wins Global Literature Competition

A Greek 13-year-old named Marita Datseri has won the Global Literature Competition convened by the Writers' Union of Northern Greece.

Greece’s National Historical Museum Commemorates Greek Revolution

A National Historical Museum exhibition named "Epanacystasi '21" celebrating the Greek Revolution will travel to 12 cities across Greece. 

Cyprus Martyrs of Greek War of Independence to be Honored in July

The martyrs of the Greek War of Independence on Cyprus will be honored in a special online commemoration of their sacrifice in July of 2021.

Greece Honors Self-Sacrifice of the Brave People of Souli

Greece honored on Sunday the bravery and self-sacrifice of the heroic people of Souli in Epirus who stood against the mighty Ottoman empire long before the Greek Revolution of 1821. "The bravery and self-sacrifice of the Souliotes and all those...

Australian Concert Celebrates Greek War of Independence

Hundreds of spectators gathered at Sydney's City Recital Hall for a concert dedicated to the anniversary of the Greek War of Independence.

Largest-Ever Greek Flag Hoisted at Agrafa, Above Lake Plastira

Authorities in the region of Karditsa, central Greece, raised what they claim to be the largest Greek flag, at Agrafa above Lake Plastira

The Heroic Battle of Gravia: When 120 Greeks Defeated the Ottoman Army

On May 8, 1821, a defining battle in the Greek War of Independence took place at Gravia, a village in the northeastern part of Phocis.