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Kalavryta: The Bloodiest Nazi Massacre in Greece

December 13, 1943 marks the date of the worst massacre committed in Greece by the Nazis occupying the country, as more than five hundred innocent civilians were executed, and the entire town of Kalavryta was burned to the ground. The...

Greek Resistance to WWII Axis Forces Longest in Europe

Greek resistance to the Axis powers during the Second World War was the longest of all the nations of Western Europe, with the exception of the UK, which was never occupied outside of the Channel Islands. According to historical records,...

Works of Greek Poet Yannis Ritsos Speak to a New Generation

A third volume of poems by the iconic modern Greek poet Yannis Ritsos has just been published in English by Manolis Aligizakis.

The German Soldier Who Saved a Greek Town from Destruction

Josef H. Blechinger was a German soldier who turned out to be one of the greatest heroes of the Greek resistance, who literally saved a town from destruction. Blechinger came to Greece as a conqueror with the German army. A...