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Greek National Day

Los Angeles to Illuminate Landmarks for Greek Bicentennial Celebration

The city of Los Angeles will mark Greece's bicentennial on March 25 by illuminating the iconic pylons outside its international airport, LAX.

Massive Military Parade Marks Greek National Day

Greece commemorated on Monday the 198th anniversary of the 1821 War of Independence against 400 years of Ottoman rule with the annual military parade in the center of the capital. Thousands of Greeks flocked to the city center to watch...

Australia Speaks Greek in March

The "Speak Greek in March" campaign that was launched in 2015 in Australia, will be repeated again this year with greater effort and with more activities. The campaign aims to encourage and to give opportunities to hellenophiles and speakers...

Greek VIP's-Only Parade For March 25

While Greek-Americans and those in the Diaspora around the world were celebrating Greece's Independence Day, spectators in Athens were barred from a parade as the government, as it did last year, feared embarrassing protests against austerity measures. Most media avoided...