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Greek Poet Odysseas Elytis Honored With New Museum in Athens

The opening of a new museum in Athens to preserve and display the work of Greek Nobel Prize-winning poet Odysseas Elytis was announced on Thursday. Elytis is regarded as one of Greece’s major poets and a major exponent of romantic...

Leading Philhellene and Historian Mario Vitti Passes Away

Leading philhellene and Hellenic Studies historian Mario Vitti has died in Rome aged 96. Of Greek and Italian descent, Vitti was born in Istanbul and was best known for his seminal book, "History of Modern Greek Literature," translated into many...

Kostis Palamas: The Great Poet of Hellenism

Kostis Palamas was not only one of the major Greek poets of modern times; he was also one of the most inspiring figures of Hellenism, as his poems became anthems of the newly-independent Greek state. Born in Patras on January...

Greek Author Kazantzakis’ Last Novel Published 75 Years Later

The last remaining unpublished novel of Nikos Kazantzakis, the universally-celebrated author of "Zorba the Greek", is out October 26.

Alki Zei: The Greek Author Who Helped Kids Understand Difficult Issues

Greek author Alki Zei has helped countless generations of Greek children understand some aspects of life that are difficult to comprehend—neglect, drug addiction, war, poverty, fascism, and racism—preparing them for the realities of the world with tenderness and great...

Free Thematic Walking Tours of Athens Available in English in May

The Athenian Itineraries thematic walking tours of Athens return in May, with five itineraries available in Greek language and two in English.

Unpublished Novel by Greek Author Nikos Kazantzakis Goes To Press

The last novel of the  universally-celebrated Greek author Nikos Kazantzakis is set to be published for the first time -- more than 60 years after his death -- by the Athens-based publishing house Dioptra. The unpublished novel, titled "Aniforos" ("Uphill",...

April 27, 1941: Greek Author Penelope Delta Commits Suicide As Nazis Enter Athens

On April 27, 1941, Penelope Delta, a famous Greek author decided to take her own life just as Nazi Germany’s forces occupied Athens. 

Odyssey Banned for Violence, Sexism; Is this the End of World Classics?

Odyssey, Homer's classic was recently banned in Lawrence, Massachusetts for portraying ideas that do not conform to modern norms of behavior. 

Greece to Restore Historic Home of National Poet Kostis Palamas

After many years of neglect and dilapidation, the historic home of poet Kostis Palamas in Athens is given a lifeline by the Greek Ministry of Culture. According to a decision on Tuesday, the poet's historic home, located in Plaka, will...