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Ten Castles in Greece That Will Take Your Breath Away

Greek castles remind us of impressive stories from their epic past, some ranked among the best-preserved buildings in Europe.

The Ancient Greek Healing Herb Mentioned in Harry Potter

Dittany of Crete is an ancient Greek herb known for its "magical" healing properties which was mentioned in the world of Harry Potter. Dittany, known as Dictamo in Greek (Δίκταμο), is one of the symbols of Crete. It captivated ancient...

The Greek Beauty Queen Crowned “Miss Europe”

Aliki Diplarakou was the first Greek woman to be crowned “Miss Europe” in February 1930. However, this Greek beauty was far from just a pretty face. Well-educated, independent, and articulate, Diplarakou confounded prejudices about beauty pageant contestants. She was a...

Greek Fire: The Weapon That Protected the Byzantine Empire

Greek fire was a mysterious incendiary weapon that helped the mighty Byzantine Empire survive and ensure its vast sovereignty for centuries

The Fascinating History of Romaniote Jews in Greece’s Ioannina

“The Romaniote Jewish Community of Ioannina: A Journey Through Time and Two Nations” was the subject of a fascinating webinar recently.

Olbia: The Ancient Greek Settlement on the Black Sea Coast

Nestled near the Black Sea spit, Olbia stands as one of the largest Ancient Greek settlements in the region. Located in southern Ukraine, Olbia's closest neighbor is the city of Mykolaiv, which is approximately twenty-five miles away. This ancient...

Ancient Roman Stadium in Patras, Greece Opens to Visitors

The Ancient Roman stadium of Patras, Greece is now open to visitors after being restored, the Greek Ministry of Culture announced. The glorious monument is attributed to an offering by the Roman Emperor Domitian. The construction of the Roman Stadium...

The Ancient Greek General who Saved Athens from Persians

The life of the great Athenian general Themistocles is well known, as the low-born leader was lauded even in his time for his brilliance.

Hydra Island, Where the Modern Greek Merchant Marine Began

Most Greeks have substantial familiarity with the graphically gorgeous island of Hydra due to the island's protagonist role in the epic struggle of the Greek War of Independence. Most non-Greeks familiar with the island know it as a place of...

The Life of Heinrich Schliemann, the Discoverer of Troy

Archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann was a larger-than-life figure, discovering Troy in what is now Hisarlik, in modern-day Turkey.