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Greeks Rank at the Top of the EU in Positive Self-Perceived Health

Greek and Maltese nationals aged 45-64 ranked first in the European Union in terms of positive self-perception of their health.

Greece Among Top in Europe for “Healthy Life Years”

Greece ranks in the top third in the whole of the European Union in terms of "healthy life years," according to a new study. This is quite a notable feat for a population with one of the highest smoking...

Greek Government to Expand Health Coverage for Uninsured

The Greek coalition government is currently working on new healthcare policies to expand free and subsidized health coverage. According to a ministerial decision uninsured Greeks and migrants residing legally in Greece who were denied healthcare in the past due to...

Greek Health Min Refers to Government's Priorities

The upgrading of public health care, the strengthening of the public health system and the combating of the so-called health poverty are among the government’s priorities, Health Minister Panagiotis Kouroumblis said. "We are here and we want to send out...