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Palace of Aigai: The Biggest Building of Ancient Greece

The palace of Aigai, known today as Vergina, is considered not only the biggest, but together with the Parthenon, the most significant building of classical Greece. Constructed during the reign of Philip II (359 - 336 BC) on a raised...

How the Mines of Laurion Changed Ancient Athens and the World

Just 50 kilometers south of Athens, between Thoricus and Cape Sounion, lies the mines of Laurion. Silver, copper, lead have been mined there.

The Serene Charm of Sikinos

There are many islands in the Cyclades, all of the them with beautiful, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, but each has its own unique characteristics. In Sikinos, it is its serene charm that wins over visitors. Sikinos (ancient Oinoe...

A Brief History of Elections in Greece

The history of elections in modern Greece began in 1833, with the first King of Greece, Otto of Bavaria, introducing the paper ballot. The occasion was the municipal elections for the Argolis-Corinth prefecture in July of 1834. The concept of...

Greeks Worldwide Celebrate Saints Constantine and Helen

May 21 is a festive day as the Greek Orthodox Church commemorates Saint Constantine, the founder of Constantinople, and his mother Helen.

How the Battle of Crete Changed the Course of World War II

The Battle of Crete will remain forever in military history as the scene of the largest German airborne operation of World War II

8 Reasons to Visit the Greek Volcanic Island of Nisyros

Nisyros is one of the most beautiful Aegean islands, still untouched by tourism growth. It is part of the Dodecanese group of islands, situated between Kos and Tilos. The island extends over a surface of 41 km and its coastline is 28 km long.

Paros Unplugged: Top Highlights of the Greek Getaway Island

Located in the cluster of the Cycladic islands, Paros possesses everything you would fancy when dreaming of a Greek island vacation: unique beaches with azure waters, fish tavernas, whitewashed houses, and traditional Cycladic churches. Here is a list of the...

20 Fascinating Facts about Greece

Everyone knows that Greece is the cradle of Western Civilization, however, there are some facts that very few people are aware of.

Mother’s Day: Timeless Photo of Greek Mother Saying Goodbye to Son

The photo of the emotional Greek mother giving one last farewell to her son is the essence of what is celebrated on Mother's Day.