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Mount Penteli Wildfire, Near Athens Burned 6,800 Acres

Last week's massive wildfire that started in densely-forested Mount Penteli just outside of Athens burned over 2,750 hectares or about 6,800 acres. New damage totals are in from the blaze, which took hundreds of firefighters two days to contain and...

Greece Wildfires in 2022: The Sad Story So Far

This year has already been a damaging one for wildfires in Greece with the most recent example being the large blaze on Mount Penteli in Athens' northern suburbs that ignited on July 19th. In the first few months of 2022,...

2021 Fires in Greece Burned Almost Double the Area of NYC

The catastrophic 2021 fires in Greece burned an area almost twice the size of New York City, according to a report by the Meteo services of the National Observatory of Athens, released on Tuesday. According to the report, 84 forest...

Medicanes Might Follow Fires, Bringing More Devastation to Greece

Following August's catastrophic fires in Greece, scientists are warning of floods in the affected areas that could bring more devastation if a "medicane" hits. A medicane is a tropical-like cyclone originating in the Mediterranean. The weather phenomenon devasted parts of...

Grateful Greece Offers “Holiday Vouchers” to Foreign Firefighters

Greece offered on Friday “holiday vouchers” to hundreds of firefighters from foreign countries that responded to the call for assistance. The move is a gesture of gratitude to the hundreds of foreign firefighters from 11 EU countries and 12 non-EU...

Greece Fires Continue in Peloponnese; 287,049 Acres Burned in 2021

Hundreds of firefighters continued their efforts to put out scattered fires that burn in Arcadia and in Eastern Mani, southern Peloponnese.

Greek PM Speaks on Fires and Impact of Climate Change on Greece

Greece's PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis spoke at a press conference about the impact that climate change has had on the country's wildfires.

New Fires Break Out in Greece, Arcadia Remains on High Alert

The fires in the broader area of Arcadia in southern Greece continued their destructive path on Wednesday night and onto Thursday morning.

Greece Fires: Evia, Arcadia Continue to Battle Huge Blazes

The fires that have been burning in various parts of Greece have continued their destructive path for the ninth consecutive day.

2,500-Year-Old Ancient Olive Tree Burned Down in Evia Fires in Greece

A 2,500 year old ancient olive tree on the island of Evia was destroyed today in the ongoing wildfires consuming the region. The ancient tree was located in the olive grove of Rovia, and was such an enduring symbol...