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Greece's Parliament Approves Greek Bailout Proposal; Now It's in Europe's Hands

The Greek parliament approved on Saturday Greek PM Alexis Tsipras' bailout plan to negotiate a deal with Greece's creditors based on the political party leaders’ agreement draft. The Greek Prime Minister and Finance Chief Euclid Tsakalotos called the parliament to...

European Parliament Members Take Sides on Greek Crisis Debate

While some members of the EU Parliament criticised Greek PM Tsipras' lack of concrete proposals, others praised him while some urged Greece to leave the eurozone.

Want to know how Greeks see the future? Get in the ATM queue and ask them

One of the best places to understand the Greek crisis and what is going on in Greece at the moment is in the queues forming at the ATMs of closed banks.

25 Years Later: DIW Berlin’s Experts Analyse German and European Monetary Union

Was the design of German monetary union flawed? Was it a mistake to adopt the euro? On the occasion of this historically important date, experts at DIW Berlin addressed these questions.

Varoufakis Blogs a 'Big Majestic Yes to Europe' after Big NO Vote in Greek Referendum

Greece's finance minister Yanis Varoufakis says that the Greek NO vote landslide win on the July 5 Greek referendum is actually "a majestic, big YES to a democratic, rational Europe!" After a deadlock in bailout negotiations, Varoufakis and the SYRIZA...

Greece Votes No: Experts Respond What Happens Next

  The Greek people have voted, saying a resounding No to the terms of the bailout deal offered by their international creditors. What will this mean for Greece, the euro and the future of the EU?  Here's what experts say...

The Third Way after NO Vote: How Greece Can End Austerity and Stay in the Eurozone

After Greece's big fat NO to the latest bailout deal, an economist argues that there is a third way out of the Greek disaster, and towards job creation, prosperity and debt repayment.