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5 Things to Know About the Greek Referendum

An attempt to explain the political and economic factors motivating the interested parties and show what is at stake in Greece and the Greek bailout referendum.

Greece's PM Tsipras Votes in Referendum; Says 'Greeks Open Path for Europe'

Surrounded by hundreds of NO supporters and international media, Greek Prime Minster Alexis Tsipras casted his ballot in a referendum that has divided Greece. The SYRIZA leader arrived at 10:30 am local time at the polling station of Kipseli, a...

The Real Question Being Asked in Greek Referendum

Opinion by Paul Taggart and Kai Oppermann, University of Sussex* Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras is pushing ahead with plans to hold a referendum on the terms set by his country’s creditors for repaying its debts. The July 5 vote will see Greek...

Greek Referendum: Polls Open in Greece

Voters in Greece have started casting their ballots in a referendum to approve or reject a bailout proposal that has divided the country in YES and NO camps. More than ten thousand polling centers opened across Greece on Sunday,  7 a.m....

In Defence of Greece: 6 Myths Busted

As Greece's Syriza has been represented in the media as an irresponsible leftist government, it is important to unpack the seemingly common sense arguments against Syriza.

Fin Min Varoufakis: "I Will Resign if Greeks Vote 'Yes' to Agreement"

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said that he will resign if there is a "yes" vote in Sunday's referendum over creditors' proposals to Greece. Varoufakis spoke on Bloomberg television and when asked if he will remain Greece's finance minister in...

Greece's Debt Crisis Explained in 20 Charts

  By Thanasis Delistathis* / @tdelistathis Friends often ask me to opine on the Greek debt crisis. They are looking for some insight into what is going on and why the country is at the brink of bankruptcy. I suppose they...

Only A Marshall Plan Can Save the Euro

The European Investment Bank should use its financial power to make investments in infrastructure not only jumpstart the sinking Greece economy but also many other recession-plagued countries across the Continent.