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Double Masking Now Recommended in Greece as Delta Spikes

A Greek epidemiologist is now calling for double masking around the country as the Delta variant of the coronavirus continues to cause havoc throughout the country. Greece recorded the highest-ever number of coronavirus cases this week, with 4,608 new cases...

Greece Sets New Record of 4,608 Coronavirus Cases

Greek health authorities announced a large spike in coronavirus cases on Tuesday with 4,608 new infections diagnosed across the country, representing a new record number of infections since the beginning of the pandemic. This represents an increase of 0.9% from Monday's...

Greek Track and Field Olympians Told to Isolate after Covid-19 Scare

Greek track and field Olympians and team members have been told to self-isolate in their rooms due to a covid-19 scare on Thursday.

Germany Declares Greece Coronavirus Risk Area

Germany declared the nation of Greece a "coronavirus risk area," signifying all returning German nationals must present a negative test.

Greece’s Coronavirus Predictions Show Worsening Epidemiological Picture

Experts warned the public on Friday that predictions of how the coronavirus will develop in Greece over the next month are very worrying. 

How Some Teens are Faking Positive Covid-19 Tests

A new study suggests that teenagers are using social media to share information on faking covid-19 tests in order to get a positive result. 

Greek Doctor Fakes Vaccine Injections For Covid Deniers

A doctor working out of a hospital in Athens was allegedly caught trying to give his friends fake vaccination certificates on Sunday. 

Greece Confirms 771 New Coronavirus Cases in Upward Trend

Greek heath authorities confirmed 771 new coronavirus cases on Friday, an increase of ten individuals over Thursday.

Greece Drops Face Mask Requirement in Outdoor Spaces

Greece will no longer enforce mandatory face masks in outdoor spaces, announced the Ministry of Health late on Wednesday.

Greece Coronavirus Cases Encouragingly Low on Monday

Greece recorded 209 new cases of Covid-19 on Monday, which marks 39 fewer instances of the virus than the 248 cases recorded on Sunday.