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Ten Unique Murals in Athens, From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

Athens is a city filled with graffiti and murals of all kinds. Looking at the street art around it can help you get to the soul of the city!

Insulting Graffiti Carved into Ancient Roman Wall Discovered in England

Ancient Roman graffiti found carved into a wall in England shows that even the ancients liked leaving insulting messages in public places. Found in the site of Vindolanda in Northumberland in northern England, the ancient graffiti dates back to the...

Landmark Windmill of Mykonos Vandalized

A landmark windmill of Mykonos was vandalized after it was sprayed with graffiti, it emerged over the weekend. Local police are investigating the vandalism that is assumed to have taken place in the early hours of Saturday morning. First time in...

Ancient Greeks Left Their Mark in Egypt in 591 BC – in Graffiti

The urge to leave your mark for posterity is nothing new, as ancient Greek graffiti carved into an Egyptian Temple clearly shows.

The Hellenic Initiative Joins in Fight Against Graffiti in Athens

The Hellenic Initiative is working with the Athens Partnership to scrub off the graffiti found in Athens' oldest neighborhood, Plaka.

New Street Art Honors Heroes of Greek War of Independence

Vibrant new street art depicting heroes from the Greek War of Independence has recently appeared on the walls of buildings across Athens, Greece's bustling capital city. While street art and graffiti in the Greek capital often contain political slogans or...

The Beautiful Mural Inspired by Greece’s Lockdown

A mural inspired by the pandemic is gathering attention in Drama, where the street art was painted on the side of an apartment building.

Athens Authorities Continue Anti-Graffiti, Cleanup Campaign in City Center

On Sunday, Athens municipal authorities continued their new campaign to clean up and beautify downtown Athens -- perhaps most importantly, by removing the graffiti which has for so long been a visual blight on the Greek capital. A team of workers...

Greek Artist Paints Mural Dedicated to Victims of 2018 Fire

A touching tribute to the 102 victims of the 2018 fire in Mati, eastern Attica, where 102 people lost their lives has been created by a street artist who goes by the name of "Hambas" in nearby Rafina, Greece. The...

Owl Graffiti on Wall of Abandoned Building Goes Viral From One Virtual Wall to Another

Greece's economy may have taken a downward spiral, however, graffiti thrives in the Greek capital making Athens a paradise for graffiti artists. The most recent acquisition to go viral is a work depicting the famous Owl of Athens on...