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Greenhouse Gas Levels Reached Record Highs in 2020

The United Nation's weather agency, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), said in its annual report on Monday that greenhouse gas levels in the planet's atmosphere reached a record high in 2020. The WMO's report showed that carbon dioxide levels peaked at...

The Earth is Melting: Global Warming Brings Rain to Greenland Ice Sheets

It rained on the summit of Greenland for the first time in the ice sheet's history. The rainfall is a shocking harbinger of global warming and the devastating melting occurring at the Arctic Ocean's ice sheets. Climate scientist and Brown...

Climate Change Report Warns of More Heatwaves, Sea Level Rise in Greece

As Greece experienced the worst fires the country has seen in the past weeks, torching forests and homes, the UN issued their climate change report with intense warnings about the rapid upward rise of global temperatures. With Greece recording ground...

Greek-Australian Researcher on How C02 Causes Climate Change

A Greek-Australian researcher is one of the scientists describing how carbon dioxide plays a crucial role in climate change.

Greek PM Speaks on Fires and Impact of Climate Change on Greece

Greece's PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis spoke at a press conference about the impact that climate change has had on the country's wildfires.

Jellyfish Threaten Greece’s Pristine Chalkidiki Beaches

An explosion in the population of jellyfish at some of Greece's most popular beaches is causing concern for beachgoers this summer.

Massive Heat Waves, Climate Change Daunt Scientists

Heat waves and overall climate change has scientists around the globe sounding the alarm and call for the necessity of immediate measures

Heat Wave in Greece, Around the World Sets New Records

A severe heat wave has impacted peoples in Greece and across the world, and has even lead to tragic deaths across Canada. 

''Greece Like Libya, Britain Like Morocco'': Experts Warn About Global Warming

The latest heatwaves that swept across most of Europe during the last several days have been a serious concern to scientists. Speaking with state-run AMNA news agency, Professor Michael Petrakis explained why the latest European heatwaves are something that should...

Top European Scientists Urge Action Against Global Warming

Global warming due to climate change already has made a serious impact on people's health and the situation will worsen in the future, according to a new report from 27 national academies in Europe, including the Academy of Athens. The...