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Georgios Karaiskakis

The History of the Greek War of Independence

As Greece counts 200 years from the War of independence and stands proud on Europe's eastern border as a member of the EU, the mind reels to the glorious days of 1821

Greek War of Independence: The Unsung Heroes

The Greek War of Independence had many heroes. The first names that come to mind are: Kolokotronis, Karaiskakis, Papaflessas, Bouboulina, Diakos, Kanaris

Trees that Became Part of the Greek War of Independence Epic

Dozens of centuries-old trees that became part of the rich lore of the Greek War of Independence have been identified by a Greek scientist

Meet the Descendants of the Greek War of Independence Heroes

The descendants of legendary heroes of the Greek War of Independence Georgios Karaiskakis, Laskarina Bouboulina and Nikitaras.

Greece's Olympiacos Team Ranks Seventh in the World in Ticket Share

Greece's Olympiacos football team ranked seventh in the world in terms of ticket share in its country's football league during the period between 2013 and 2018. These results were the product of a study conducted by the International Centre for...

The 10+1 Most Important Figures of Greek Independence

The Greek Revolution of 1821 was Greece's epic struggle for independence. Greek people had been enslaved for many centuries and the revolution was one of the most significant historic events in modern Greek history. The national regeneration struggle was long, unfair,...

Xeros Vows To Kill Political Leaders

Convicted November 17 terrorist Christodoulos Xeros, who walked away from a furlough he was given despite serving six life sentence for six assassinations warned in a video he posted that he's gunning for political leaders from the ruling New...