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Geometric period

What Were the Ancient Greek Dark Ages?

Ancient Greece was a civilization full of activity. Right from as early as 1600 BC Greece was full of impressive buildings, signs of powerful kings, and a literate priestly class. However, this era of Greek history is separated from...

Ancient Phoenician Plaque Unearthed in Cyprus

An ancient Phoenician plaque, a stone pillar and the remains of boatsheds were unearthed as a result of recent archaeological excavations in Kition-Pampoula, Cyprus. The archaeologists working under the auspices of the Department of Antiquities released their year-end report of...

Archaeologist Stumbles Upon Bronze Bull Figurine at Ancient Olympia

An archaeologist recently stumbled upon a small bronze figurine of a bull at ancient Olympia during a routine inspection at the site.

Fire Reveals Over 200 Antiquities in the Mountains of Profitis Elias, Phthiotida

A fire on Thursday in the mountains of Profitis Elias, in Phthiotida, central Greece, revealed antiquities dating back to the first half of the 5th century BC and the geometric period. The Ministry of Culture announced on Friday that the...