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Robots Making French Fries Faster, Better Than Humans

An automation company in Southern California has rolled out robots, arguably believed to be faster and better than humans, that automate the process of making French fries. Miso Robotics Inc in Pasadena recently rolled out the Flippy 2 robot which...

Feisty Feta French Fries: A Staple Dish With A Greek Twist

Feisty feta french fries is an easy-to-make dish you can enjoy as a standalone fingerfood meal, a snack or as a side to almost any dish.

Naxos Sets Guinness Record For Largest Portion of French Fries – Weighing 625 Kilos! (Video)

The Association of Agricultural Cooperatives of Naxos managed to break their own record in less than 8 hours - for the largest portion of french fries! It took them slicing and dicing 2.5 tons of potatoes, 800 kilograms of olive...

The Greek Island of Naxos Wins Guinness World Record for Frying 554 Kilos of Potatoes! (Photos)

The Greek island of Naxos has found its way into the Guinness World records Book for something that you might not expect -- for frying a record amount of potatoes! That's right, Naxos served up some 554 kilos of french...