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PPC Chief Bailed Over Dubious Loans

Nikos Fotopoulos, who heads GENOP, one of the Public Power Corporation’s (PPC) worker unions, has been released on bail after being questioned in court over two loans the group received from the company's management, which negotiates with him terms...

The "Triangle of Sin" That Rules Greece

Despite international aid that has made Greece dependent on bailout loans to keep its economy from collapsing and effectively ceded much of its sovereignty, the country is still being controlled by the iron grip of politicians, the rich and...

Greek Power Plant Threatens Blackouts to Fight Privatization

The Communist-inspired President of Greece’s most powerful labor union is threatening to have workers at the country’s biggest power plant turn off the electricity around the country in the height of the tourist season to protest government plans to...

No Power Cut-Offs for Property Tax Bill Non-Payments

After growing outrage at a so-called “emergency” property tax that was put into electric bills under the threat of having power turned off, wages garnished or properties seized for non-payment, the[...]