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2,700-Year-Old Well-Preserved Skeleton Found in Turkey

In Turkey, archaeologists made a new discovery of a very well-preserved skeleton, found at the Ayanis Castle, located in the country's Van province in Eastern Turkey, bordering Iran. They found the remains of a high-status person who might have...

Exploring Nafpaktos’ Venetian Port and Fortress Transports You to Another Time

Nafpaktos is a picturesque town that is situated on a bay on the north coast of the Gulf of Corinth in Western Greece.

Fortress Town of Osdina Opens to Public

The remarkable fortified settlement of Osdina or Ouzdina in the region of Thesprotia, western Greece, opened to the public Tuesday, October 20, under the name "Archaeological Park of Byzantine-Post Byzantine Settlement of Ouzdina". The abandoned fortress-town of Ouzdina, that was...