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Turkey Plans to Lease Farmlands in Venezuela, Other Countries

In an effort to curb concerns over food security, Turkey plans to lease farmlands in various countries to boost agricultural production, it emerged this week. For years now, Turkish authorities have been exploring such opportunities in ten nations in Africa...

3D-Printed Meat Substitutes Make a Splash in Europe

Already massive food industry is expected to get even larger. The data firm Allied Market Research says that the meat substitute market is expected to reach $8.1 billion by 2026. Whether for health reasons or religious motivations, consumers have been...

Lawsuit Alleges Google “Hijacked” Customers, Orders From Restaurants

A Florida restaurant group is suing Google, alleging that the tech company has been setting up unauthorized pages to capture food orders rather than directing them to the restaurant’s own site. Google uses supposed “bait-and-switch” tactics to get customers to...

Greek Sea Cucumbers Could Be Next Delicacy

Greek sea cucumbers may soon be on the menus of restaurants around the world. Although they are delicacies in some cultures, many people have no idea that the sea creatures are even edible. Fishermen on the Dodecanese islands in Greece...

Mama Jo: The Greek Whose Breakfast Cart Conquered New York City

The story of Mama Jo and her iconic breakfast cart in New York City is an inspiring tale, in which an immigrant, driven by a desire to succeed and live well, managed not only to make it through years...

Vegan Diet Has Deep Roots in Traditional Greek Food

The vegan diet, which is a huge trend across the globe, has deep roots in traditional Greek food experts say.

Greek Yiayia Totally Unimpressed with Gordon Ramsay’s Sauce

When your name is Gordon Ramsay, you're a famous chef with popular TV shows. But when a yiayia on the Greek island of Santorini criticizes your food, you're in real trouble. In the first of two episodes of "Gordon, Gino...

Why are Some Mushrooms Poisonous?

Mushrooms are a key ingredient in many diets around the world, however not all of them are edible. Some mushrooms are poisonous and can cause toxic reactions.

Ten Delicious Greek Foods You Must Absolutely Try

Greece is undeniably home to some of the best, and healthiest, food to be found anywhere in the entire world.

Greece Wastes More Food Than Any Other in Europe, UN Reports

An interesting report was made public recently by the UN about the levels of food waste, and Greece comes at the top.