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Grateful Greece Offers “Holiday Vouchers” to Foreign Firefighters

Greece offered on Friday “holiday vouchers” to hundreds of firefighters from foreign countries that responded to the call for assistance. The move is a gesture of gratitude to the hundreds of foreign firefighters from 11 EU countries and 12 non-EU...

Greece Fires Continue in Peloponnese; 287,049 Acres Burned in 2021

Hundreds of firefighters continued their efforts to put out scattered fires that burn in Arcadia and in Eastern Mani, southern Peloponnese.

Greece Fires: Foreign Assistance Surpasses All Expectations

The assistance to Greece provided by dozens of nations has reached unprecedented proportions.

The Countries that Have Sent Firefighting Help to Greece

Cyprus and Sweden have sent firefighting help to Greece in order to aid in get the massive fires raging across the country under control.

Large Fire Breaks Out in Achaia, Residents Evacuated

A large wildfire broke out in Achaia, a region of the Peloponnese, Greece on Saturday. Residents of Ziria and Ano Ziria have been evacuated.

Large Fire Breaks Out in Achaia, Residents Evacuated

A large fire has broken out in the agricultural and heavily-forested region of Elekistira, in Achaia, near Patras on Wednesday.

Greek Firefighters Save Trapped Dog in Well on Mykonos

Greek firefighters on the island of Mykonos saved the life of a dog, which had fallen in a deep well recently. The incident took place in the area of Korfos on the popular Greek island of Mykonos. Eight-Meter Deep Well The lovely...

Firefighters Gather Outside Coronavirus Hospital in Athens to Pay Tribute to Medical Staff

In what has now become a coronavirus tradition, scores of Athens firefighters assembled outside the city's Sotiria (Salvation) Hospital on Holy Wednesday morning to pay tribute to and thank all the doctors, nurses and paramedics who are battling against...

Moving Scenes as Greek Firefighters Pay Tribute to Medical Staff of Thessaloniki

Tens of firefighters in Greece's second-largest city Thessaloniki assembled outside AHEPA University Hospital recently, where medical staff have been tirelessly offering treatment to COVID-19 patients for several weeks. AHEPA Doctors, nurses and paramedics found a few moments to go outside the...

Village Evacuated as Firefighters Battle Wild Fire on Corfu Island

Greek firefighters in cooperation with the Hellenic Police are evacuating the village of Viggla on Corfu island. Viggla is a small village at an altitude of 250 meters (820 ft) right opposite to the Albanian coastline. According to local media the firefighters use...