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Ongoing Fire in Crete

A fire broke out at 2:30 in Sirikari, in the municipality of Kissamos, Crete. Ten vehicles of the fire brigade are attempting to extinguish the fire, since the wind is strong, contributing to the spread of the fire.

Fires in Arkadia and Megara

A fire broke out this afternoon in the region of Megara.   No residencies were threatened and  the fire is partly under control. However, the forest area was burnt. Firemen remain in their position prepared for relighting. Another fire broke...

Fires in Farsala and Kefalonia

Firefighters attempt to take control of fires that have broken out in the forest areas of Kefalonia. 7 vehicles, 14 firemen and 4 aircrafts were sent to the area. As of now, no residencies have been threatened. Simultaneously, another...

Fire in Lakonia and Lesbos

In Lakonia, fire fighters have been fighting a massive forest fire for more than 24 hours, and have finally managed to bring the blaze partly under control. 32 fire fighters and 17 vehicles have been involved in the fire...