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“Romero, Julieta and the General” Set to Film in Greece Next Year

Nicholas T. Proferes' a.ka.a Handsome Harry and winner of the LAGFF (Los Angeles Greek Film Festival) 2008 scriptwriting competition for "ROMERO, JULIETA AND THE GENERAL" has secured a development deal with Human Revolution. Phedon Papamichael (Director Arcadia Lost, Cinematographer 3:10 to...

Director of Prison Break Bobby Roth Goes to Greece for Business

Are you ready for Greek Prison Break? Fox TV director, Bobby Roth (Prison Break, Lost etc.) is going to Greece to teach a workshop for the Greek TV Station, Antenna. The Greek TV Station would like to produce six...

Greece on the International Film Stage

The Los Angeles Greek Film Festival will present Beyond Borders: Greece on the International Film Stage, a special panel discussion sponsored by Greece's Ministry of Tourism on Saturday, June 27, at the Linwood Dunn Theater. Greece’s Minister of Tourism...

Filming in Greece: A Beginner’s Guide

Whether filming an action-packed historical fiction or a documentary about archaeological landmarks, Greece is an ideal place for foreign films to be shot. In a period where Hollywood film budgets are steadily increasing and location shoots are becoming common, Greek Hollywood Reporter takes a look at what it takes to film in Greece.

Island Idol: Greek Islands in Hollywood Films

The islands, in particular, are a force to be reckoned with in terms of Greek settings represented in Hollywood films. But which island does Hollywood love the most? Follow down the list as GHR recaps the Hollywood films that take place in the Greek Islands.... This, is Island Idol.