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Filming in Greece

Greek Actor Manolis Emmanouel, Who Moved “Stonehenge” for Safekeeping

Greek actor Manolis Emmanouel moved a fake Stonehenge for Safekeeping on YouTube, advocating the return of the Parthenon sculptures to Greece.

“Man of God” Film on St. Nectarios Premieres August 26

The life of Saint Nectarios, Greece's most contemporary saint, will be presented in the upcoming film "Man of God." The film premieres in theaters on August 26. Filmed in Greece, the movie depicts the life of Saint Nektarios of Aegina,...

“Knives Out 2,” Starring Daniel Craig, Begins Filming in Greece

Knives Out 2, the highly anticipated sequel of the Oscar-nominated 2019 film, has officially started production in Greece.

Dave Bautista Cast in ‘Knives Out 2’, Filming in Greece

Greek-Filipino actor Dave Bautista was just cast in "Knives Out 2", the sequel to the hit, celebrity-filled murder mystery comedy, which is set to film in Greece later this year. Though it might not seem like much intimidates the ultra-strong...

Greece Becomes a Movie Hub with 18 International Productions in 2021

Up to eighteen international movies will be shot in Greece in 2021, confirming that the country is on the path to become a filming hub.

Antetokounmpo Biopic Among High-Budget Movies Lined Up in Greece

The Giannis Antetokounmpo biopic by Disney, focused on the teenage years of the NBA star in Athens, stands among a substantial number of high-budget productions lined up to film in Greece in 2021. The unprecedented boom is thanks to the...

Foreign TV Crews Flocking to Film Glorious Greece

Three foreign television productions to be shown in Japan, Russia and the Netherlands will help promote Greece's beautiful landscapes and countryside abroad. Planned and organized with the support of Greece's National Tourism Organisation (GNTO), they form part of a strategy...

New Deal to Help Attract More International Film Production in Greece

Incentives are in full swing to help attract international filmmakers to shoot their next film in Greece. According to the Hellenic Film Office (HFO) has signed off an agreement with the Regional Authority of Central Greece to increase the amount...

Greek Culture Ministry Announces New Greek Film Commission, Aims to Attract Film Productions to Greece

It is no secret in Greece that the country has missed out on millions of euros from potential film productions in the country. Even the evening news commented on the recent story, when just last year plans to shoot the latest Bourne...