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The Stunning Statue of Hercules Uncovered in Philippi, Greece

An impressive statue depicting Hercules from the Roman times was recently discovered at the ancient site of Philippi in northern Greece. Alongside the statue, a richly decorated structure, potentially a fountain, was also found. According to a recent announcement by the...

Roman Statue of Greco-Roman Sea God Unearthed in England

Archaeologists unearthed a Roman statue of Greco-Roman sea god, Triton, during excavations for a housing development in Kent, England. Measuring an impressive 2.3 feet in height and width, the Triton statue weighs over 132 pounds and was situated just 1.3...

34 Million-Year-Old Whale Skull Discovered on a Family’s Farm

An incredible discovery unfolded in Alabama when a 16-year-old high school student named Lindsey Stallworth and her teacher, Andrew Gentry, unearthed the fossilized remains of a whale skull that thrived around thirty-four million years ago. This remarkable find sheds light...

Discovery of Greek Inscription Reveals Home of Saint Peter

Archaeologists believe that a Greek inscription discovered in what was the city of Bethsaida, Israel, identifies Apostle Peter's home. 

Grave of Roman Doctor Buried 2,000 Years Ago Uncovered

Archaeologists have uncovered the burial site of a doctor who died about 2,000 years ago close to the city of Jászberény in central Hungary, which is roughly 35 miles (55 kilometers) to the east of Budapest. They have also...

Ancient Necropolis Unearthed in Paris

A team of scientists has recently discovered an ancient necropolis in the heart of Paris, just a few meters away from a busy train station. The site has provided an exceptional opportunity to gain insight into life in Lutetia,...

Sacrificial Minoan Bull’s Head Unearthed on Crete

The elite society in Minoan Crete (3500 BC–1100 BC) evidently believed in complex death rituals and sacrificial ceremonies, particularly when it came to their own burials. That is what experts believe after discovering a sacrificial bull's head in a...

Intact Ancient Tombstone Discovered on Riverbed in Western Greece

An intact ancient tombstone, dated to the Hellenistic era, is the latest discovery of archaologists working along the Arachthos river in Epirus.

Skeleton of Ancient Woman Lying on Her Bronze Bed Found in Greece

Greek archaeologists presented never-before-seen discoveries from the Kozani region at an archaeological conference over the weekend.

Hidden Byzantine Church in Istanbul Revealed in All Its Glory

A hidden Byzantine church and a holy spring were recently discovered at an excavation site in the Sultanahmet District of Istanbul.