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Skeleton of Ancient Woman Lying on Her Bronze Bed Found in Greece

Greek archaeologists presented never-before-seen discoveries from the Kozani region at an archaeological conference over the weekend.

Hidden Byzantine Church in Istanbul Revealed in All Its Glory

A hidden Byzantine church and a holy spring were recently discovered at an excavation site in the Sultanahmet District of Istanbul.

Archaeologists Find New Treasures at the Temple of Artemis in Evia

Archaeologists have discovered new findings in the Temple of Artemis, which is located east of Amarynthos in Evia, central Greece.

Ancient Greek Necropolis to be Revealed in New Exhibition Site

$4.8 million has been approved for an exhibition space showing the findings of an ancient Greek necropolis under the SNFCC.

Ancient Salamis Reveals More Long-Lost Secrets

The latest archaeological discoveries on the historic island of Salamis, off the coast of Attica, Greece, shed new light on the life in the ancient city of the same name from the Classical era onward. The Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities...

Archives, Possible Throne Room Discovered in Ancient Palace on Crete

The Greek Ministry of Culture announced on Thursday that a new storage room for valuables in Zominthos Palace, on the plateau of Mount Psiloritis on Crete, was discovered at the sprawling site during this year's excavation season. Supporting evidence for the Palace...

Major Archaeological Discoveries Made in Neolithic Site in Central Greece

Greece's Ministry of Culture issued a statement on Friday afternoon, regarding recent discoveries in a neolithic settlement that is located in Phthiotis region and dates back to 6,000 - 5,800 BC. The settlement, known to archaeologists as Koutroulou Magoula, from...

Santorini Excavation Brings to Light Impressive New Findings

The ongoing research in Akrotiri on Santorini gradually has revealed a place of rituals, very close to Xesti 3, an important public building with rich fresco decorations on the southern boundary of the settlement. According to archaeologists, the excavation finds...

Greece's New Archaeological Discovery: The Ancient City of Kythnos (photos)

The archaeological excavation that took place during this summer in Greece’s island of Kythnos unearthed some very important discoveries from the past of the island and its people. The excavation took place in the ancient town of Kythnos, where today’s Vryocastro...

Ruins of Ancient Greek City Found on Mount Pindos

Archaeologists were stunned to find the ruins of an unknown ancient city which dates back to the 4th century BC, at an altitude of 1,200 meters on the Greek mountain of Pindos. It is believed to be the highest...