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Evros border

Greece Rescues 91 Migrants Stranded On Evros Islet

Footage emerged on Sunday showing a group of eighty migrants stranded on an islet on Evros river, on the border with Turkey. 

Contract For Greece’s Evros Border Fence Extension Signed

The Greek Prime Minister said he will continue to pursue EU funding for the barrier fence along the Evros border with Turkey. 

Greece Ready to Extend Turkey Border Fence by 35 Kilometers

Greece is ready to proceed with the gradual expansion of the fence barrier along the entire length of the Evros border with Turkey.

92 Naked Migrants Found on Greece – Turkey Border

Ninety two naked migrants were found near the Greece - Turkey border in Evros region, the Greek Ministry of Citizen Protection announced. The photos released have shocked the Greek authorities and "show Turkey’s inhumane treatment of refugees" according to...

Greece to Expand Border Fence with Turkey by 80 Km

Greece announced on Friday it will expand the border fence at Evros on the border with Turkey by 80 kilometers (50 miles) to prevent illegal crossings by migrants. The announcement was made by Notis Mitarakis, the Greek Migration and Asylum...

Hundreds of Migrants Buried at Greek-Turkish Border Cemetery

The bodies of many unidentified migrants have lain for years in a small cemetery, just a few kilometers from the Turkish border. The migrants' bodies were buried in the cemetery in Sidiro, a small Greek village near the Turkish...

Greece Defends Use of Sound Cannons to Deter Migrants at Borders

Greece defended its use of sound cannons to stop migrants crossing at the Turkish border on Wednesday amidst European Union criticism. 

Greek Immigration Minister Says Left Waging War Against FRONTEX

Greek Immigration Minister Mitarakis recalled that one year ago Greece protected the EU from a breach of the border using FRONTEX troops.

Greece Fortifies Evros Border to Stop New Migrant Inflow

The Greek government is fortifying the Evros borderline with two new quick response units of 30 men each that will patrol the Greek-Turkish border along Evros River, SKAI television reported on Sunday night. The two new units will be patrolling...