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The Japanese Ship that Saved Greeks During the Smyrna Catastrophe

The story of the Japanese ship that saved Armenians and Greeks from genocide after the Smyrna Catastrophe was the theme of a Tokyo lecture.

The Incredibly Diverse – And Healthy – Diet of the Ancient Greeks

The diet of the ancient Greeks is fascinating for so many reasons, and they had impressively varied eating habits.

New UNESCO World Heritage Sites Include Greek Inscriptions in Saudi Arabia

Nine new sites, including Greek inscriptions on a cliff in Saudi Arabia, have now joined the list of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites.

Greeks of India: The Final Stand of Hellenism

Long ago, when countries were empires and separation of power was a relatively unknown theory, two ancient peoples were experimenting with democracy—or something very similar to democracy. They were the Hellenes and Indians. By Mr. Arunansh B. Goswami Greeks and Indians...

The Astounding Story of Alexander the Great

Alexander III, the "Basileus of Macedon", the "Hegemon of the Hellenic League", the "Shahanshah" of Persia, the "Pharaoh" of Egypt and the "Lord of Asia" -- better known as Alexander the Great -- was one of the most significant...

The Greek Teacher Who Was Kidnapped by the Taliban

In October 2019 Greek teacher Thanasis Lerounis was kidnapped by the Taliban in a welfare center for the Kalash people in Pakistan

Entire Ancient Greek City of Ephesus is UNESCO Heritage Site

Ephesus, an ancient Greek city on the coast of Ionia, is one of the greatest archaeological treasures on Earth, with the entire city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The great city, which went through endless transformations over the...

Nostalgic Greek Sweets and Treats from Bygone Days

Greek sweets are famously decadent and delicious. There are a number of traditional sweets that remind Greeks of bygone days when kids enjoyed carnivals and fairs. Old lady's hair, or cotton candy Old lady's hair is a timeless treat that is...

Almost 30% of All Tree Species in the Wild are Facing Extinction

Almost 30 percent of tree species in the wild are facing extinction, according to a report published by the Botanic Gardens Conservation International. The group's report, entitled "the State of the World's Trees," concluded that 17,510 out of Earth's 58,497...

Nearly-Intact Pompeii Chariot Among the Greatest Archaeological Finds

The Pompeii chariot, once drawn by four horses as part of splendid ceremonies, was one of the greatest archaeological finds of the entire year of 2021 in the city destroyed nearly two thousand years ago in a cataclysmic volcanic...