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New Findings in Theopetra Cave Shed Light on Neolithic Era in Greece

The Theopetra Cave in Thessaly was formed in the Upper Cretaceous period, 137,000,000 - 65,000,000 years the present day.

The Ancient Roots of Greek Souvlaki, the World’s First Fast Food

Many would think that souvlaki is a type of street food originating from the many years of Ottoman rule in Greece, but this is not true.

Greek Immigrants Return to Form a Nation After Defending Homeland in Balkan Wars

In a live-streamed presentation for the historical society of Schenectady New York in 2020, Peter S. Giakoumis, author of the book "The Forgotten Heroes of the Balkan Wars: Greek-Americans and Philhellenes 1912-1913" presented a little-known aspect of the American...

Greek Man Devotes Life to Feeding the Hungry

Konstantinos Polychronopoulos, founder of charity "The Other Human," works tirelessly feeding the hungry in Greece in the wake of disasters.

Most Common Names in Greece, Cyprus, and Around the World

In Greece and Cyprus, it is custom to follow a widely-used pattern of naming a child after their grandparents.

Sculpture of Ancient Greek Boxer Still Haunts Viewers Today

The beloved ancient Greek sculpture called "The Boxer at Rest," from 330-50 BC, is one of the most realistic of all ancient Greek sculptures.

Aegina Set to Become First Greek Island with Zero Stray Dogs

the "Zero Stray Pawject," is committed to reducing the number of stray dogs in Greece, especially on Aegina, in a cruelty-free way.

Dutchman Longing for Greece Creates Model of Santorini in His Garden

What do you do if you can't get to Greece this summer? You could put your creativity to work and make a model of Santorini.

Four Remarkable Greeks With Autism Hope To Conquer Granola Bar Industry

A team of remarkable young Greeks who are on the autism spectrum have started a co-operative enterprise making and marketing granola bars.

Zaros: The Cretan Village that Became World Famous for its Water

The beautiful village of Zaros on the Greek island of Crete, sits at the foot of Psiloritis Mountain at an altitude of about 400 meters.