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Netflix Doc Tells Story of Miraculous Cat Sanctuary on Greek Island

The efforts of a British couple to rescue all the homeless cats on the Greek island of Syros are the subject of a new documentary on Netflix.

Drone Captures View of “Black Hole” Cave in Greece’s Mani Peninsula

The "black hole" cave, located in western Mani, is one of the few spots in the rocky area where Greece's scorching sun doesn't beat down.

Greek CEO of Pfizer Gave Hope to the Planet with First Coronavirus Vaccine

Thessaloniki native Dr. Albert Bourlas, the CEO of the American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, is one of the many scientists worldwide.

Ancient City on Remote Islet in Aegean Reveals Fascinating Secrets in New Dig

Archaeologists discovered artifacts on Vryokastraki, a small islet near the Greek island of Kythnos, once home to a significant ancient city.

The Zappeion: A Neoclassical Landmark in Athens

One hundred and thirty-two years ago, in October of 1888, Athens' iconic Zappeion Megaron first opened its doors to the public.

The Unique Ancient Greek Island Later Used for Quarantine Site

Rineia, an ancient Greek island next to Delos and Mykonos, has a unique place in the history of Greece.

New Findings in Theopetra Cave Shed Light on Neolithic Era in Greece

The Theopetra Cave in Thessaly was formed in the Upper Cretaceous period, 137,000,000 - 65,000,000 years the present day.

The Ancient Roots of Greek Souvlaki, the World’s First Fast Food

Many would think that souvlaki is a type of street food originating from the many years of Ottoman rule in Greece, but this is not true.

Greek Immigrants Return to Form a Nation After Defending Homeland in Balkan Wars

In a live-streamed presentation for the historical society of Schenectady New York in 2020, Peter S. Giakoumis, author of the book "The Forgotten Heroes of the Balkan Wars: Greek-Americans and Philhellenes 1912-1913" presented a little-known aspect of the American...

Greek Man Devotes Life to Feeding the Hungry

Konstantinos Polychronopoulos, founder of charity "The Other Human," works tirelessly feeding the hungry in Greece in the wake of disasters.