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Greek Revolution-Era Costumes Come Back to Life in Amazing Photo Shoot

Traditional Greek costumes, some dating from the era of the 1821 War of Independence, have been brought alive by contemporary artists.

Magnificent Roman Aqueduct on Greece’s Lesvos Gets Facelift

A Roman aqueduct in the area of Moria on Lesvos will be restored, the Ministry of Culture announced on Tuesday.

Greek Mythology Can Teach the Young Humanity, Virtue

When it comes to Greek mythology, myth and legend, fairy tales and fantasy, can be just as informative as historical facts.

Biblical Scroll Fragments Discovered in Judean Desert “Rescue Op”

Astounding discoveries of Bible scroll fragments in Israel that were unearthed before looters could find them were shown to the public.

How to Obtain Greek Citizenship: Process and Requirements Explained

Greeks born abroad keep the customs and tradition of Greece, but this doesn’t mean that Greek citizenship is a matter of course.

Greek-Australian Paspaley Family are the “Kings of Pearls”

King of pearls, Theodosis Paspaley, landed on Australian shores and began building the country's foremost pearling company.

Tarpon Distillery: The Iconic Greek Town in Florida Has Its Own Ouzo!

The iconic Greek-American town of Tarpon Springs, Florida, now distills its very own Ouzo, named "Papous Ouzo."

Psorokostaina a Real Figure in the Greek War of Independence

Psorokostaina, a beautiful lady having a large fortune, was a real person and even a heroic figure during the Greek War of Independence.

Ancient Greek Roadway of Diolkos Undergoing Reconstruction

The ancient Diolkos, the cobblestone roadway for transporting ships from the Corinthian Gulf to the Saronic Gulf, is now being restored.

Ancient Greeks Built Ramps for Disabled in Public Buildings

The use of ramps for people with disabilities is an ancient Greek innovation that experts have recently confirmed.