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Terrified Afghans Throw Babies Over Barbed Wire at Kabul Airport

Desperate and terrified parents in Afghanistan threw their babies over barbed wire at the Kabul airport to American and British soldiers in a desperate bid to save them from the Taliban on Thursday. The heartbreaking scenes were captured on video....

Evia Fire Reached the Town of Limni, Thousands Evacuated by Sea

The devastating fires on the island of Evia continued their destructive path on Friday night and onto Saturday.

More Villages Evacuated on Evia Island as Fire Continues to Burn

The fire on Evia (Euboea) island continued to burn on Thursday, making residents in the village of Kehries evacuate their properties.

Firefighters Rush to Save Lives and Homes as Wildfires Rage in Greece

Wildfires in Greece have spread to Attica on Thursday, forcing hundreds of Greeks to evacuate their homes.

Wildfire Rages in East Attica Town of Artemida, Evacuations Ordered

On Wednesday, a series of wildfires broke out around east Attica, forcing the evacuation of many towns in the region. And yet another new wildfire is threatening east Attica's seaside, including the town of Artemida. The fire is thought to...

538 Passengers Evacuated After Fire Breaks Out on Igoumenitsa-Venice Ferry

A fire broke out onboard a ferry that had initiated its trip from Greece's Igoumenitsa to Venice in Italy. The fire broke out at the fourth level of the ''Olympic Champion's'' garage, affecting two trucks that were traveling on it. According...

Huge Fire Breaks Out on Corfu; Two Villages Evacuated

A large fire broke out in southern Corfu, in the Ionian Sea, on Friday afternoon. The forest fire started in the broader area of Kritika around 2 o'clock local time. At least 34 fire fighters have rushed to the spot, and...

Fire on Corfu Eases Up, Residents Return to Homes

Corfu's fire fighters said that a blaze that broke out in the area of Koulouras next to the village of Viggla on the island of Corfu, was easing up late Tuesday, allowing residents who had been evacuated earlier to return...

WWII Bomb Removed from Thessaloniki Suburb, Residents Move Back (video)

The World War II bomb that was found in the Kordelio suburb of Thessaloniki was removed from the area and was transferred to an army shooting range for a controlled explosion on Sunday. A Greek army unit disabled the 250kg...