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Inflation in Greece Climbs to 12 Percent in June, Growth Revised Downwards

Inflation in Greece reached 12 percent in the month of June from 10.5 percent in May and 9.1 percent in April, according to data released by Eurostat, the official statistical authority of the European Union announced on Friday. The rate...

Greece Among Top in Europe for “Healthy Life Years”

Greece ranks in the top third in the whole of the European Union in terms of "healthy life years," according to a new study. This is quite a notable feat for a population with one of the highest smoking...

Greece Has the Largest Number of Goats in Europe

According to a recent study by Eurostat, Greece has the largest number of goats in the EU.

Greece Hits Biggest Year-on-Year GDP Growth Rate in the Eurozone

Eurostat reported on Tuesday that Greece had the largest gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate in the third quarter of 2021 in the entire Eurozone. The statistics agency said that Greece's GDP increased a staggering 13.7% in the third quarter...

Divorce Rate Rises as Marriages Decline in Greece Over Past 50 Years

The number of marriages in Greece has halved while divorces quadrupled since 1964 according to a report by Eurostat released Thursday. 

Greece Documents Largest Drop in Carbon Emissions in EU for 2020

Greece is the EU member state with the most significant annual drop in carbon emissions according to Eurostat data released on Friday. 

Women in Politics: Greece Next to Last in Europe

Greece is next to last among all European nations in terms of women in politics, according to research prepared by Eurostat.

EU Says Greek Workers Fared Better than Others in Second Quarter of 2020

Greece was one of the European countries that has been proven to be most successful in protecting jobs during the second quarter of 2020, when the labor market was so severely tested throughout the European Union by lockdowns to...

Almost 6 Out of 10 Young Greek Citizens Live with Parents

Recent data released by the European Statistical Agency, Eurostat, show that almost 6 out of 10 Greeks aged 25-34 lived with their parents in 2019. Greece is only behind Croatia on the corresponding chart among 30 European countries. The average...

Greece's Industrial Production Declines Less than Other EU Countries

  Industrial production in Greece fell by less than the average decline in the Eurozone, Eurostat said in a report on Tuesday. Production worldwide has greatly slowed down in recent months due to the coronavirus pandemic and its related shutdowns. However,...