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Mysterious Geometry ‘Connects’ Ancient Greek Temples

Sacred geometry is a concept developed in ancient times grounded on the idea that the world is created based on a consistent geometrical pattern

Hypatia: The Female Greek Philosopher Killed for Her Beliefs

Hypatia, one of the greatest philosophers of Alexandria, was admired for her groundbreaking ideas but was brutally murdered for them by Christian fanatics in the fourth century AD. Born around the year 360, Hypatia was a female Greek philosopher, astronomer...

Raphael’s “School of Athens” Watches Over French Legislators Once Again

A tapestry depicting Raphael's masterpiece "the School of Athens" is once again adorning Plenary Hall in the French Assembly.

Eudoxus of Cnidus: The Man Who Changed Geometry

Eudoxus, born in Cnidus, Asia Minor, was one of the most important scholars of ancient Greece. He was a great mathematician who helped in the development of geometry and the first scholar to ever connect it with other sciences such...

10 of the Most Significant Writers of Ancient Greece

It is common knowledge that the foundation of western society derives from ancient Greece and more specifically from scripts of the ancient Greek scientist and philosophers whose writings have survived more or less complete. Listed below are ten ancient...