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Countries With Names Derived From the Greek Language

Surprisingly, the names of countless countries around the world come from words found in the Greek language, attesting to the influence of Greek.

Weather Phobias in a Time of Severe Storms

Although the weather may seem like a natural part of life, many people suffer from weather phobias, ranging from the well-grounded fear of lightning -- which of course is truly deadly -- to the more unusual fear of snow. According...

The Etymological Roots of Melomakarona and Kourambiedes

Melomakarona and kourambiedes are two Greek desserts that scream Christmas. Dimitris Stathakopoulos, professor of historical sociology at Panteion University, in Athens, gathered data and determined the etymological roots of the two words. Qurabiya in Azeri, Kurabiye in Turkish and kourambiedes...