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Are the Irish Descendants of the Ancient Greeks?

It is not unusual for a nation to have a story about their origin. The Jews have the story of the Exodus, the Romans have the story of Romulus, and the British have the story of Brutus. But many...

The Mysterious Origins of Italy’s “Mycenaean” Cyclopean Walls

Cyclopean walls found across Italy have puzzled archaeologists for centuries as their building origin remains a mystery.

Ancient Greek “Nestor’s Cup” Contained Remains of Three People

An ancient grave with a Nestor's Cup that was believed to contain the remains of a child has now been found to be the burial place of three adults. Ancient Greeks normally buried their loved ones in pithoi, large pottery...

DNA Study Finds Etruscans Originated From Steppes—Not Anatolia

The mystery of the origins of the Etruscan people—the center of an enigma that stretches back millennia—has recently been solved, due to the miracles of DNA testing. But in effect, the answer the scientists uncovered only prompts more questions...