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Enhanced Surveillance

Greece Formally Exits Bailout Era After 12 Years of Pain

Greece formally exited the bailout era on Saturday as the "enhanced surveillance framework" imposed by the EU was lifted after twelve years of painful austerity. In a message on Twitter, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen hailed...

Greece Exits Enhanced Surveillance Status After 12 Years

A letter from EU officials has confirmed Greece's exit from the enhanced surveillance status in August 21.

EU to Relax Post-Bailout Monitoring of Greece

Greece is expected to get the green light from the June 16 meeting of the Eurogroup, in order to exit from its enhanced surveillance status.

EU Approves 'Enhanced Surveillance' for Post-Bailout Greece

The European Commission on Wednesday said Greece will remain under an "enhanced surveillance framework" to ensure that it meets ambitious budget targets through 2022. The country will still be subject to quarterly inspections from creditors after the bailout program ends...