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Tuskless Female Elephants Evolving in Response to Poaching

In a completely unforeseen but welcome development as conservationists try to stop the poaching of elephants for their ivory tusks, tuskless female elephants are now evolving in a national park in Mozambique. However, this otherwise hopeful story doesn't end there,...

Conservationists Want to Let Elephants Loose in Europe

It sounds like a gigantic plan, but, as some conservationists say, bringing in large species of herbivores like elephants to Europe could help mitigate the collapse of the ecosystem. By Harry Wells, Nora Ward & Ramiro D. Crego. Imagine driving through a...

Elephants Roaming China Take a Well-Deserved Nap in a Forest

A herd of elephants which has been wandering across China for 15 months took a well-deserved nap near a village in Xiyang township on Tuesday.